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Make Traeger Your Industrial Plumbing Supply Company

While Traeger Brothers and Associates is a leading industrial plumbing supply company, we also provide materials and supplies to many other industries. In fact, in many jobs, there will be a mixture of the different parts, materials, and components we supply used in innovative ways in cutting-edge facilities and industry advancements. This is why we […]

The Most Common Valve Types Sold By Industrial Valve Distributors

As one of the leading industrial valve suppliers in the United States, we sell a multitude of different types of valves to many different industries. With the volume of sales we have and the industries we serve, we have a strong working relationship with major valve manufacturers, which allows us to bring in modified and […]

The Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Traeger Brothers and Associates supply pipe and pipe fittings to contractors and subcontractors across the United States. We also ship materials and supplies to the Caribbean, Latin America and even as far as Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. This experience allows us to assist companies in providing the pipe and the pipe fittings that meet […]

How Does Your Supplier Stack Up Against Industrial Valve Distributors?

The measure of great valve distributors is their ability to provide their customers with the valves they need from stock on a regular, ongoing basis. This is always an important factor to consider. Most valve distributors will have the basic sizes and valve types, but not all suppliers will offer small to large valves on-hand […]

Industrial Distributors Make The World Run on Time And On Budget

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Reasons To Choose Traeger Brothers As Your Steel Pipe Supplier

When it comes to steel pipe; for industrial, commercial and residential applications, Traeger Brothers and Associates understand that contractors have a lot of choices. With more and more international companies selling steel pipe online, the competition is on a global level, but there are distinct advantages that we can offer that other suppliers simply cannot. […]

Getting The Right Industrial Valves For The Job

It is very easy to fall into a rut of using the same types of valves on all projects and applications. This is often due to the comfort level for the contractor in understanding the installation requirements and performance specs of a given valve they have used in the past. At Traeger Brothers and Associates, […]