Many Caribbean Islands rely on low speed diesel power plants for their power generation needs. Many of the plants were originally designed as ship propulsion plants, and as such feature materials and designs more common to the Marine industry. These large 1400 RPM diesel motors can operate on lower cost bunker fuels with the correct injectors.


Although Traeger Brothers’ focus is not on the supply of the spare parts for these motors, their fuel supply and storage systems, along with their water cooling systems often require the valves and piping that Traeger stocks. Exhaust bellows, steam traps, oil/water separators and other components are common with the broader power generation industry and can easily be obtained through Traeger’s partner manufacturers.

Valves required in the water cooling system can often include JIS or DIN flange designs and dimensions.

These valves, such as angle globes, non-return stop check globe valves with cast iron bodies and bronze trim are all available through Traeger’s international marine suppliers.

Of course each of these installations are full-fledged industrial plants, and as such require tools, safety equipment, instrumentation and controls, which can easily be supplied through Traeger Brothers’ industrial team’s experience and connections .

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