Turbine power generation has come a long way from its inception in the 1800’s, becoming more compact and efficient by the decade. Whether the
boilers are powered by oil, natural gas, coal, or bagasse – Traeger has the steel pipes, valves and fittings required to transfer the steam from the boiler to the generator.

Feeding the boilers with fuel can also require pipes and valves, or in the case of coal and bio-fuels, conveyor belt systems. These feed systems will also require pumps, gaskets, couplings, regulators and control systems. Traeger’s power generation customers make contact regularly for these products.

Boiler efficiency is paramount in this process, and the heat exchanger system inside the boiler relies on the tubing. Whatever the specification for the boiler tubes Traeger has manufacturers with the capability to build them, and stocking yards with product ready to ship. Traeger partner Cooper Airetool has all of the pullers, expanders and mandrels for tubing installation and maintenance. Temporary plugs? Traeger has them available on the manufacturer’s shelf. Boiler shells need high temperature refractory cement and boiler doors need high temperature silica gaskets. Through Traeger’s partners like Plibrico these items are readily available.

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