Getting The Right Industrial Valves For The Job

It is very easy to fall into a rut of using the same types of valves on all projects and applications. This is often due to the comfort level for the contractor in understanding the installation requirements and performance specs of a given valve they have used in the past.

At Traeger Brothers and Associates, we may be able to suggest a better option to consider instead of the industrial valves currently in use. New technology and design options from leading valve manufacturers have enhanced various features of the different types of valves on the market, honing their use for general or specific types of systems and applications.

To help us to understand the specifics of the project when calling in or contacting us about options for industrial valves for a specific job, it is important that we have the following information:

Specific Application

As many types of systems have to be designed to meet specific standards and codes, it is essential that we know the type of projects and the specific codes or requirements that have to be met.

This is particularly important in industries where sanitary processes, corrosive or hazardous material or high pressure are considerations with the application. In these types of applications, we can recommend a valve that meets or exceeds the required standards.

Type of Valve and Function

In order to narrow down the choice of industrial valves for any given project, understanding the valve function will be critical for our experts to provide a range of suitable options for our customers’ consideration.

The function of the valve may be a simple on or off job within the line. Check valves are commonly used to prevent backflow through the system while flow control valves are used to allow for precise control, often through automated systems, of the media through the specific valve.

For advice and support on choosing the right valves for your industrial construction or retrofit project, contact the experts at Traeger Brothers and Associates. Call us today at 350-371-5551 to talk to an expert in industrial valve options.

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