Making The Case For Using Galvanized Pipe Fittings And Pipe

At Traeger Brothers and Associates, we carry a wide range of different types of industrial pipe and fittings. This includes our large selection of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel, cement lined pipes as well as chrome and copper pipes and fittings. You will find we have a top inventory of PVC, CPVC and HDPE pipes for many different applications.

We also carry the newest in composite pipes that offer the corrosion resistance and durability of the metal pipe options. These will all offer the ability to work in a full range of high temperate as well as high-pressure systems with an extremely long-life cycle.

However, sometimes the standard pipes are the ideal material for the job. We find many of our customers are looking for galvanized pipe and pipe fittings at a low cost, long-life cycle material that is ideal for outdoor use. Choosing both pipe and galvanized pipe fittings from us will ensure quality materials delivered on time and just where you need them.

Pipe and Fittings

All galvanized pipe fittings and pipe are simply steel pipe that is coated with zinc. This surface layer prevents corrosion, which is why it is ideal for many different applications. The layer of coating on the interior and exterior surfaces of the galvanized pipe fittings prevents material from adhering to the interior surfaces of the fittings, where the flow may slow down, potentially allowing for sediment or fouling.

Durable and Reliable

The galvanized pipe and fittings sold through us will meet Approved Manufacturer Lists that are required by some of the larger refining and processing companies. We also offer our customers the option to request galvanized or other types of pipe and fittings from specific manufacturers.

This allows for adherence to any ordering requirements or restrictions for the job. Our size range and readily available on-hand inventory can allow us to fill most orders with a very short lead time.

To place an order or to discuss your pipe and pipe fitting requirements, contact us today at 305-371-5551 to get started.

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