The Most Common Valve Types Sold By Industrial Valve Distributors

As one of the leading industrial valve suppliers in the United States, we sell a multitude of different types of valves to many different industries. With the volume of sales we have and the industries we serve, we have a strong working relationship with major valve manufacturers, which allows us to bring in modified and custom order valves for our clients with the shortest possible turnaround times.

While we sell a lot of customized and modified valves, we can also often find specialized valves that are ideal for the specific application. Our customers often come to us when they have a challenge on a project and are not sure if a custom valve is required. Whenever possible, we will find out if a specialized valve is already available, saving our customers time and money and speeding up the completion of the job.

Ball Valves

In most systems and across most applications, industrial valve suppliers will tell you that ball valves are the most commonly selected for on and off requirements. We offer a full range of ball valves including brass, bronze, and carbon steel as well as stainless steel. Each valve can also be optimized with the correct seal and seat materials.

Our inventory also includes blowout-proof and fire safe valves, all of which are important in many different industries, particularly in refineries and processing plants. Depending on the size and application, Traeger can recommend a one, two or three piece valve, in floating ball or Trunnion style in full or reduced port.

Butterfly Valves

Traeger Brothers and Associates are able to offer top of the line butterfly valves in the sizes, and with the features you require. Our in-house inventory includes butterfly valves from Kits, Milwaukee and Sharpe and more.

In addition, we are industrial valve suppliers catering to the process manufacturing industry. We have a top inventory of check valves, globe valves, and gate valves in cast and forged steel materials that are safe for gas, oil and steam applications.

To find out more about the valve selection we offer, call us today at 305-371-5551, and we can use our technical knowledge to analyze the process conditions of your application to determine the optimal value for your critical requirement.

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