Residential And Commercial Smart Water Meters Distributors

Smart water meters? That’s the wave of the future. Meters like the Sensus iPerl feature zero moving parts due to their innovative design. Their measurement chamber, designed using magnetic field technology plus remnant field technology provides unparalleled low flow measurement with high flow capacity. Water utilities are already reaching new levels of accuracy in water measurement, allowing for increased revenues from customers with no additional water entering the system by finally capturing 100% of the water flow through the customer’s line!


Built of composite alloy materials, the iPerl’s housing is stronger than the old bronze housing, and is impervious to damage and immune from “normal” wear and tear. With no moving parts, this meter is 100% maintenance free. It retains its 100% accuracy over the 20 year battery life of the unit. Because of its robust build quality, the iPerl is warrantied for 20 years of service.

Available in 5/8”, 5/8 x ¾”, ¾” and 1” the Sensus iPerl is the new solution for water utilities worldwide. The iPerl also has a European designed version, correctly sized for ISO applications. Both of these meters are compatible with AMR systems; the ISO version with a built-in low power transmitter; the US version with an accessory radio module.

This Smart meter features 14 different alarms that can be relayed back to the water operator’s offices for action, including meter tampering, meter reversal, water line break and other critical messages that when promptly addressed can save even more money for the authority.

Whether the meter is used with the Flexnet radio network, or touchread data collection, moving to a digital data recorder insures that correct reading are made every time and relayed directly into the billing system with no opportunity for human error.

Larger meters can also be supplied by Traeger and Sensus; the Omni meter features a floating ball impeller which yields accurate measurements at low flow rates, along with accuracy at high flow rates.

Traeger Brothers would be pleased to make an offer on the water meters you may require for residential, commercial or master metering applications. Displacement, velocity or electromagnetic styles are available. Multi-jet, turbine, displacement or mag types can be supplied, depending on your application or preference. Depending on your location, Traeger can offer meters from Sensus, Elster and other quality suppliers.

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