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Eva Shockey

Pro Outdoorswoman, Blogger


After Eva Shockey discovered the benefits of eating field-to-table meat, she never looked back. Her best-selling book, Taking Aim, tells about her journey from non-hunter to dedicated hunter and how she found her true calling in life. Since then, she has found success as host of two TV shows, a podcast, and has launched signature product lines with Cabela’s, Bowtech, Tru-Fire, and MTN OPS. She also reaches millions of followers on social media every week, sharing her life as a hunter, wife, mother, and proud Traeger cook. Read on to get to know more about the person who was voted Field & Stream’s “Most Admired Prominent Outdoorswoman” in 2016.

Grilled Fresh Fish

 with Eva Shockey


Interview with Eva Shockey

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