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Not all pellets are Created Equal

The best wood-fired grill on the market demands the best pellets on the market. At Traeger, we created the “gold standard” in pellet production, ensuring your fuel infuses incredible hardwood taste into your food and delivers consistency that you can rely on cook after cook.



Flavoring your food with rich, hardwood taste just makes sense. Flavoring it with gas or charcoal? Not so much. Our all-natural hardwood pellets ensure you get only the highest-quality pure hardwood flavor, and nothing else. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, braising, or barbecuing your food, it will all get infused with amazing wood-fired taste.

 Quality is the name of the game.

Traeger has had the same team leading our pellet mills for over 20 years, creating the perfect process for the highest-quality pellets on the market. 

Our teams go through a strenuous daily process of quality control, leaving no pellet behind so you know you’re getting the best no matter which flavor you choose. It takes top-performing pellets to have a top-performing grill, as well as the ultimate flavor and taste, so Traeger ensures that only the best hardwood is used. This also means implementing regular burn tests at our mills to make sure we’re achieving consistency, and perfect smoke, you can rely on in each bag.

 Why Traeger Wood Pellets?

 Wood Pellet Flavors

Don’t settle on taste, choose from Traeger’s long list of pellet options to customize your cooks and discover new flavor combinations. Traeger offers various ways to fuel the fire with trusted hardwood pellet flavors: Signature, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry, Pecan, and more. Additionally, we are always crafting new specialty pellet blends to provide unmatched and unique wood-fired flavors.


    Wood Pellet Blend

    The flavors of hickory, maple, and cherry hardwoods combine for a blend that can take on just about anything you cook. From classic BBQ meats, to fish and veggies, this versatile blend gives you full-bodied flavor you’ll go back to time and time again.

    Pairs with

    BeefChickenPorkLambSeafoodBaked GoodsVegetables


    Wood Pellet Blend

    Traeger Hickory pellets are great for naturally enhancing Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Veggies with full-bodied, bold flavor. No wonder it is staple in BBQ. Experts agree, hardwood is the secret ingredient for robust flavor. Consistent smoke delivery is determined by the quality of your fuel. We’ve spent years perfecting a premium, balanced blend of hardwoods for trusted performance and flavor.

    Pairs with



    Wood Pellet Blend

    With Traeger Cherry pellets, naturally enhance Beef, Chicken, and Pork with a subtly sweet, fruity flavor. Our all-natural wood pellets fuel the fire and provide unmatched wood-fired flavor. We’ve spent years perfecting a premium, balanced blend of hardwoods for trusted performance and flavor.

    Pairs with

    BeefChickenPorkLambBaked Goods


    Wood Pellet Blend

    Traeger Mesquite pellets are perfect for naturally enhancing Chicken, Beef, and Fish with a hearty BBQ flavor. To master the craft of outdoor cooking and flavorful food, quality fuel is key. Traeger has dedicated years to developing a premium blend of hardwoods with the compact cell structure needed to obtain a dependable burn.

    Pairs with



    Wood Pellet Blend

    With Traeger Apple pellets, you’ll get a light, slightly fruity smoke flavor that will naturally enhance Veggies, Pork, and Chicken. To master the sport of cooking outdoors, natural hardwood is a game changer. We’ve dedicated over 30 years to perfecting the recipe for pure, wood-fired flavor. Traeger's premium blend of hardwoods are sourced in the U.S and have the compressed cell structure necessary for a balanced, dependable burn.

    Pairs with

    ChickenPorkBaked GoodsVegetables


    Wood Pellet Blend

    Our expertly crafted, all-natural Pecan pellets burn slow and steady every time. This is the right choice for naturally enhancing your pork, chicken, vegetables, beef, and pork with sweet, spicy, assertive flavor. We’ve spent years perfecting a premium, balanced blend of hardwoods for trusted performance and flavor.

    Pairs with

    BeefChickenPorkLambBaked GoodsVegetables

 The "Gold Standard" in Pellet Production

 Milled in the USA

Traeger's pellet mills are all located right here in the U.S. Having our pellet mills located in the U.S. gives Traeger the ability to oversee the process from raw wood, all the way to bagging, and ensure it meets our strong guidelines for smoke perfection every step of the way. If our pellets don’t meet our standard requirements, they don’t make it into a bag—simple as that.


Traeger pellet mills use a special pelletizing process to create the best pellets on the market. We start with clean, green hardwood, then dry it to the optimal moisture content for smoke creation, using a rotating drum and furnace. The hardwood material is then run through a hammer mill to uniformly grind the sawdust to an optimal size. Once uniform, they’re compressed and run through a rotating die and extruded out into the signature Traeger pellets you know and love. The last step is cooling them in a holding bin before getting bagged and ready to ship to your Traeger dealer, or right to your doorstep.


Traeger is focused on sustainability. Where possible, we utilize the sawdust from clean, green hardwood that would otherwise go to waste to make our pellets.


Commonly asked questions about our exclusive lineup of wood pellets

 Why Traeger Grill vs Gas & Charcoal Grills

A Traeger Grill brings superior taste, ease of use, and repeatable results every time you push ignite. Nothing compares to natural, hardwood flavor. Not charcoal and definitely not gas. Our cutting-edge controllers will help take your cooking talents to the next level, thanks to their precision temperature control. A simple start-up gets you grilling quicker, while the convection heating process helps eliminate flareups as well as the need to babysit the grill.

 Better Taste

 Cook Anything

 Consistent Results