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Sauces & Rubs Pairing Guide


Our New Rubs & Sauces + Protein = SCIENCE


Change is good, and we’re bringing you change you can taste. Our new lineup of rubs and sauces were revamped and perfectly crafted to elevate your BBQ. We’ve hand-picked ingredients that will naturally complement any wood-fired protein.


If you’ve got the beef, we’ll handle the flavor. We’ve got three new rubs that are calling your longhorn’s name.

Rub: Your three keys to happiness with this protein will come in the form of our Prime Rib, Coffee, and Beef rubs. Mix n’ match or find your go-to-- these rubs won’t disappoint.

Sauce: Now, let’s talk sauce. Our Texas Spicy sauce is our favorite sauce for slathering on burgers, glazing beef ribs or drinkin’ straight from the bottle. It’s that good.


You can add a few more uses to your Pork-tionary with our lineup for your hog. We’re bringin’ a little sweet to your meat.

Rub: We’ve got rubs to perfectly complement the sweet. Our Traeger and Pork & Poultry rubs were created to provide the perfect amount of savory to ribs, pulled pork, pork belly, you name it. If it starts with pig, the flavor is gonna be big.

Sauce: Get saucy with our Sugar Lips Glaze, Traeger ‘Que and Sweet & Heat sauces. Let your taste buds lead the way and use these to douse any pork cut with flavor sweet as candy.


We’re gonna make this easy for you. We’ve got one rub that won’t go out of style. No matter what part of the bird, our Chicken Rub is the word. This rub packs the best chicken you’ve ever had into one aluminum tin. So, stock up because it won’t be long before you’re out. Keep your bird moist with two sauces that’ll keep the crowd comin’ back for more. Our Apricot and Sweet & Heat sauces simply put, are forkin’ phenomenal.