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Matt Crawford

Backcountry/ Off Grid Chef


Nicknamed “Sasquatch,” Matt Crawford is happiest somewhere off-grid, cooking over a wood fire. His so-called “Sasquatch-lifestyle” has taken him from a day job at the local homeless shelter to a man on a mission to bring strangers, family, friends, and anything in between closer together over a hot meal and firelight. Through his Instagram account @sasquatchbbq, Matt is inspiring others to try out his lifestyle by sharing his incredible meals, recipes, and breathtaking photos of fresh-cooked food and the nature of the Pacific Northwest.

With Matt Crawford


Interview with Matt Crawford

Low and slow then hot and fast. Reverse sear is the way to my heart

Butter! Because butter makes it better

The birds, rushing streams, and other sounds of wilderness

Home!!!! The PNW is the most spectacular and beautiful place. Vacation goes to the 808 in Maui though. The people are the best ever.

Son, here is a chunk of back strap. Don't burn it or you walk home! Me at 8.



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