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Traeger Limited Edition Bold Blend Hardwood Pellets



The Bold Blend features a perfectly balanced mix of hardwoods featuring Hickory and Cherry—with a hint of Rosemary—that delivers a savory punch to everything you throw on the grill.


Our limited-edition pellet flavors feature artisanal blends of premium American hardwoods that were carefully selected by our team of acclaimed pitmasters & chefs. Each element was hand-picked to enhance your food’s flavor and help you create meals you’ll never forget. Use the Bold Blend to enhance foods like prime rib, wild game, root vegetables, and other dishes that beg for big flavor.


  • Limited edition, all-natural hardwood pellet blend
  • Mix of Cherry and Hickory with hint of Rosemary
  • Crafted by Traeger chefs & pitmasters
  • Made in U.S.A. 
  • Premium quality
  • Clean burn, low ash
  • No binders
  • 18lb resealable bag
  • Packaging in English only

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