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Traeger Tips- How to Grill the Perfect Steak


We Present to you Traeger's Tips for the Perfect Steak

A steak off of your Traeger, when well executed, will flavor the socks off of any other steak out there. Follow the tips below for the most delicious steaks of your life.

Tip 1: Meat Freshness. When cooking a steak, freshness is top priority. Buy your steaks early on the same day you plan to cook them.

Tip 2: Marbling. Look for steaks that are well marbled with fat. Those thin streams of fat will dissolve in the heat of your grill and moisten the meat from the inside while cooking.

Tip 3: Preparation. Before grilling, allow your steaks 4-6 hours to come to room temperature. Having your steaks start out at a slightly warmer temperature means more even cooking.

Tip 4: Season. How you season your meat matters. Whether you use a rub, like Traeger's Beef Shake, or simple salt and pepper, the key is in the application. Apply liberally, and always just a little more than you think you will need. Instead of just shaking the seasoning on and then slapping your steaks on the grill, pour your rub directly into the palm of your hand and massage it into the meat.

Tip 5: Smoke. After your fire up your grill, leave it on smoke and give your steaks 25-30 minutes (at least 15 minutes) to really take on some delicious flavor. This is what makes a Traeger steak incomparable to any other steak out there.

Tip 6: Preheat. After your steaks have smoked, remove them from the grill. Crank your temperature up to High and let your grill preheat for 10-15 minutes. You want your grill to be running at the highest possible temperature. Return the steaks to the hot grill and cook to desired doneness. (If you want more tips, check out our post about how to tell when your steak is done)

Tip 7: Finishing Touches. For a finishing touch to please all palates, we recommend melting a pat of butter over the steak immediately after grilling. Without taking anything away from the steak, the melted butter adds richness to each bite that will make your steaks the talk of the town.