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  • Green River Fishing with Jonathan Jones

    The Traeger crew took Aussie fly fishing guide, Captain Jonathan Jones aka @RedBeard down the Green River for a fresh water fishing adventure. They floated the river, reeled in beautiful trout, and smoked tri-tip and tequila on the Traeger.

  • Journey South Outfitters X Traeger Grills: Part 3

    Eric and Mo Newman of Journey South Outfitters love to combine their love of fishing with their love of food. Tuna poke, homemade cornbread, taso, cajun-style rice, and grilled local tomatoes were on the menu for an incredible feast.

  • Journey South Outfitters X Traeger Grills: Part 2

    Mo Newman of Journey South Outfitters, one of only a few full-time female charter boat captains, took the Traeger Outdoors crew to where the fish were biting. Chef Marco Niccoli transformed the Almaco Jack using brown butter, sage, and his culinary expertise for a memorable dinner down South.

  • Journey South Outfitters X Traeger Grills: Part 1

    Eric Newman of Journey South Outfitters showed the Traeger Outdoors crew Southern hospitality and a prime fishing spot on Breton Island, off the Mississippi River Delta. They reeled in some big fish and grilled their fresh catch on the Traeger.

  • Professional Spearfisher Kimi Werner

    Traeger Pro Team member Kimi Werner isn’t afraid to dive deep for her dinner and get creative with prepping her catch for the Traeger.

  • Cowboy Mitch

    Mitch, a rugged cowboy from Missouri, enjoys smoking and curing his own bacon, as well as cooking wild game on the Traeger. He is “living the dream right now” as he strives to survive off the land, like the pioneers. His unique outlook on life and rowdy nature make him one of a kind.

  • A Traeger Story: Eide Handel

    Under the Northern Lights of Tromso, Norway three generations have served this unique and magical town local and delicious food at Eide Handel.

  • Danielle “Diva Q” Bennett

    BBQ harkens to a simpler life. BBQ feeds your soul. In honor of National BBQ Month, we followed around the most badass BBQ chick out there, Diva Q.

  • Dennis The Prescott

    Meet our newest Traeger Pro Team member, Dennis The Prescott. He's a wood-fired rockstar and ridiculously talented food photographer and cookbook author. This Canadian foodie adds some serious flavor to the Traeger team.

  • Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

    It’s safe to say that Tim Hollingsworth knows a thing or two about great flavor. He worked for over a decade at Thomas Keller’s world-renowned The French Laundry in Napa Valley before opening his own acclaimed LA-based restaurant, Otium, as well as several other restaurants. He is also a James Beard award-winning chef and winner of Netflix’s The Final Table.