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  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Traeger Day 2022 Eats with Diva Q & Eduardo Garcia
  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Reverse-Seared Steaks with Diva Q

    Ever wanted to watch a world-class Pitmaster at work? Well, now’s your chance. She’s going to be walking you through cooking Reverse-Seared Ribeye with Garlic Butter and Roasted Cauliflower. Don’t have the exact ingredients? Not to worry, she’ll also be offering up substitution suggestions and taking questions live, so you can get personalized advice from a true Pitmaster.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Texas Brisket with Matt Pittman of Meat Church BBQ

    This week, Traeger Kitchen Live is headed down to the great state of Texas to cook with Matt Pittman of Meat Church BBQ. A master of true Texas BBQ, Matt will be giving you an A-to-Z breakdown of cooking Texas-style BBQ brisket. He’ll also be giving you some tips on the finer points of wood-fired cooking, offering substitution suggestions, and answering your questions as he goes – so come hungry to learn more about BBQing like a pro.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: BBQ Ribs with Chad Ward

    Tune in this week as we head to the home of the one and only Chad Ward for a lesson in cooking competition-style ribs on your Traeger. He’ll be schooling you in both baby back and St. Louis-style pork ribs & answering your BBQ questions live on-air, so join us to step up your slow-cooking skills and have a good ol’ time.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Mother's Day Edition | Stuffed Burgers with Diva Q

    With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend (did you buy your mom a gift yet?), we felt that it was the perfect time to highlight some of the badass mothers and women who are part of Traeger Nation. So for episode 5 of Traeger Kitchen Live, we’re heading back to Diva Q’s kitchen to learn how to make the most epic burgers ever. She’ll be teaching you the ways of her over-the-top Stuffed Burgers w/ Pig Candy Bacon while also answering your questions and giving tips live on air. Just remember to BYOB. And call your mom.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Smoked Bloody Mary's & Crab Legs with Chad Ward

    If you like starting Traeger Day off with something a little stronger than coffee, then tune in to Traeger Kitchen Live and let Chad Ward show you how he makes his Smoked Bloody Mary Cocktails on a BONUS Traeger Day episode. He’ll also be breaking down his BBQ Bacon Meatballs so you have something to hold you over until your main Traeger Day feast starts.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Traeger Day BBQ Chicken with Matt Pittman

    Not sure what to cook for Traeger Day? You can’t go wrong with the Glazed BBQ Half Chicken that Matt Pittman of Meat Church BBQ is featuring on the next episode of Traeger Kitchen Live.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Reverse-Seared Tri-Tip with Chad Ward

    Take your backyard cookouts to the next level with the perfect pairings. On this week’s Traeger Kitchen Live, Chad Ward is partnering reverse-seared tri-tip with chimichurri, scalloped potatoes, and the perfect cocktail to tie it all together. He’ll also be offering up some tips on other meat and drink pairings to help you make your next BBQ extra awesome.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Elk Kabobs with John Dudley

    When it comes to grilling off the grid, few people do it better than professional archer and bow hunter Nock On TV. That’s why we invited him to Traeger Kitchen Live this week to show us how to fire up his Wild Game Kabobs. Easy enough to make in the great outdoors, yet tasty enough to impress guests at home, this is a recipe you’ll want to take notes on.

  • Traeger Kitchen Live: Beef Ribs & Smoked Queso with Matt Pittman

    This week on Traeger Kitchen Live, Matt Pittman is joining us to show you how to cook up a Father’s Day feast that will make your old man proud. Texas-sized smoked beef ribs get paired with Doug Scheiding’s smoked chili con queso for a dinner that dad will love.