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No Wires. No Guesswork.

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Just Perfect Results

 Every Time

Never worry about under- or overcooking your food again with MEATER+® wireless meat thermometers. Simple, convenient, and reliable, MEATER+® helps you cook with confidence every time you fire up your grill.

 Perfect Results

Ultra-accurate readings and the Guided Cook feature take the guesswork out of cooking and ensure you get great results every single time.

 Easy to Use

Just insert the thermometer in the meat and follow the instructions on the MEATER® App. MEATER+® will even estimate how long to cook your food so you can sit back and relax.

 No Strings Attached

100% wireless design keeps your grill or other cooking surfaces clear, and the MEATER® App lets you monitor your cooks remotely from up to 165ft away.

 MEATER+® Features

Dual Sensors

 Dual Sensors

Measures internal & ambient temperatures, in both F° and C°

 Dual Sensors

Measures internal & ambient temperatures, in both F° and C°

 MEATER® App Features

 Estimated Cook Time

Dual sensors work together to give you accurate estimates of how long to cook and rest your meat.

 Guided Cook System

Pick your protein and let the MEATER® App guide you the rest of the way.

 Cook Alerts

Receive notifications when it’s time to remove your food from the grill and when it’s time to dig in.

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