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Traeger Recalls Flatrock Flat Top Grills Due to Fire Risk

Name of Product:

Traeger Flatrock Flat Top Grill

Product Description:

This recall covers all Flatrock units manufactured before October 2023. The product is an outdoor flat top grill powered by propane. The product is black in color and has a closeable lid with a silver handle and the name “Traeger” and the Traeger logo embossed on it in black. The product is approximately 74 inches long by 27 inches wide by 36 inches tall and weighs about 189 lbs. The product has a silver color label located on the rear that identifies the product SKU Number as 1DFL42LLA.


The Flatrock burner control knob can be incorrectly labeled, which can result in the product fuel supply being unintentionally left in an open position, posing a fire risk.

How is Traeger Making this Right?

Traeger is providing customers with instructions on how to inspect their Flatrock and, if needed, providing customers with free Flatrock replacement burner control knobs. There is no charge for handling and shipping of the replacement knobs. Installation of the new knobs should take less than 5 minutes.

Is My Flatrock Subject to the Recall?

This recall covers all uninspected Flatrock units manufactured before October 2023.

To determine if your Flatrock has already been inspected, follow these steps:

  1. Find the silver data plate on the back of your Flatrock.
  2. Look for a red dot sticker on the data plate, as depicted in Figure 1 below.
  3. Flatrocks with a red sticker on the data plate have already been inspected and repaired and are not subject to this recall.
  4. If your Flatrock does not have a red sticker, go to Step 2.

To determine if your Flatrock was manufactured before October 2023, follow these steps:

  1. Find your grill's 4-digit date code (YYMM) located within the Flatrock’s serial number (See Figure 1 above).
  2. If the date code on your Flatrock is listed below, follow the inspection and repair instructions in Step 3.
  3. If the date code on your Flatrock is not listed below, your Flatrock was manufactured after this recall (October 2023) and no further action is needed.

Flatrock Date Codes Subject to this Recall:

  • 2211
  • 2212
  • 2301
  • 2302
  • 2303
  • 2304
  • 2305
  • 2307
  • 2308
  • 2309
Steps to Inspect and Repair Your Flatrock Burner Control Knobs:
  1. Please immediately stop using your Flatrock.
  2. Download and follow the Flatrock inspection instructions found here.
  3. If you determine any of your Flatrock burner control knobs are recalled, contact Traeger toll-free at 833-654-2407 seven days a week from 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM Mountain Time to order your FREE replacement knobs.
  4. Once you have inspected and, if needed, replaced your Flatrock burner control knob(s), you can continue to use your Traeger Flatrock Flat Top Grill.

Contact us toll-free at 833-654-2407 seven days a week from 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM Mountain Time.