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Brisket Fat Side Up Or Down?


We're Here To Answer The Long Debated Question Once And For All.

The Debate -

A heavily debated topic within the BBQ realm is whether to cook a brisket fat-side up or fat-side down. We are here to answer the question once and for all: cook brisket fat-side DOWN.

Why -

Many believe the theory that when a brisket is cooked fat-side up, the fat renders and naturally braises the brisket. This is not true.

1. Oil and water don’t mix in life or in BBQ, and a brisket contains both — oil in the fat cap and water in the red meat. Fat will not keep the brisket moist if cooked fat-side up.

2. Besides not actually braising the brisket, cooking fat-side poses a risk: The melting fat cap will drip down the meat, potentially washing away the seasoning on the beef.

3. An additional disadvantage of cooking fat-side up is poor presentation. While being smoked, the presentation side is on the grill grates, preventing the formation of a uniform bark.

What are the benefits of cooking brisket fat-side down? This method offers the best brisket presentation, a uniform bark formation, and does not run the risk of melting fat washing away seasoning.

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