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Top 10 Chicken Wing Recipes


When In Doubt, Wing It Out.

Feeding your Super Bowl crew with game day greatness is as simple as loading your grill with epic wings. With flavor ranging from spicy or sweet to grilled, smoked and roasted, we’ve got smokin’ recipes sure to win over your Super Bowl crowd.

Roasted Buffalo Wings

These smoked buffalo wings are the number one seed for a reason. The spiciness of the buffalo sauce combines with fall-off the bone wood-fired flavor for an offering worthy of your Super Bowl party.


Baked Garlic Parmesan Wings

Switch up your style with these cheesy, mouth-watering wings. Salty parmesan and fresh parsley bring an herby-cheesy finish to this unique take on a classic.


Roasted Teriyaki Wings

Slightly sweet and full of savory flavor. These sticky Teriyaki wings are always a hit on game day, especially for those who are looking for some sweet satisfaction.


BBQ Game Day Chicken Wings & Thighs

Innovate and dominate with these game day wings and thighs. We’re adding juicy chicken thighs into the equation, so your crew can taste the wood-fired difference with both white and dark meat.


Roasted Habanero Wings

Pump your party with these fiery habanero wings. Bring the heat like an all-out blitz, thanks to our smokin’ overnight marinade.


Roasted Sweet Thai Chili Wings by Matt Pittman

No need for a Hail Mary on game day when you take note from Matt Pittman with his all-star sweet Thai chili wings. The combination of sweet and spicy wood-fired flavor is sure to score everytime.


Grilled Honey Garlic Wings

This ultra-versatile wing recipe can play anywhere on the field. Bust them out at your Super Bowl party and let your guests indulge in their sweet, spicy and savory flavor.


Smoked Cajun Wings

These born on the bayou wings feature a hall-of-fame like greatness, thanks to a smoke, then roast cooking technique. The Louisiana-style hot sauce imparts true Cajun flavor.


Grilled Sriracha Wings

Let this recipe become your go-to play for winning wood-fired flavor. With sriracha, soy sauce and brown sugar meeting crushed garlic and ginger, these Asian inspired wings are perfect for game day.


Smoked Bloody Mary Wings

Fan of the drink? Season wings with Traeger’s Bloody Mary Salt, cook 'til crispy, then roast the wings with Traeger Bloody Mary Mix for championship level wood-fired flavor that will keep your taste buds buzzing.


Take these Top 10 wings and stick ’em in your back pocket. Whether you’re smoking, roasting, baking or grilling, these recipes are winners for every crowd. Cook them on Super Bowl game day or smoke them for your next party. Not much beats our wood-fired creations.

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