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Cocktails: Smoked Ice with John Dudley


Adding smoked ice to your drinks adds a new dimension of flavor. Jon Dudley gives you the basics on infusing your ice with smoke flavor using your Traeger. He loves using his smoked ice for bourbon on the rocks, but also recommends adding fresh herbs to your smoked ice for lemonade or even making smoked espresso and using it to keep your cold brew crisp.

How to Smoke Ice for a Cocktail:

  • Add water, fruit juice, or coffee, to a large and shallow baking sheet.
  • Set your Traeger grill temperature to Super Smoke and preheat with the lid closed for 10-15 minutes.
  • Place the baking sheet in the Traeger.
  • Smoke liquid for about an hour.
  • Move the liquid half way through (30 minutes).
  • Pour smoked liquid on ice cube trays and freeze

TIP: You can add fruit chunks, such as pineapple or pomegranate seeds, or herbs like rosemary or basil. Learn about infusing your cocktail with smoked herbs & spices.


How to Make Smoked Juice/Herb Ice Cubes:

  • Smoke fruit, herbs, or spices and add them to ice trays.
  • Squeeze juice from fruit like grapefruit and add herbs to create ice from juice

Freeze cubes big or small, freeze juice, herbs or make plain smoked ice. No matter how you smoke it, your cocktails will thank you for it. Cheers.

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