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Smoked Salmon - Pitch the Plank


Cooking with a wood plank is a popular culinary practice. However, we are here to tell you to #PitchThePlank. When you’re using a wood-fired Traeger grill, there’s no need to use a plank to infuse your food with wood flavor. The Traeger already does that for you, naturally, with any flavor of hardwood pellets you use. Infuse salmon with Alder, Cherry, Maple, Oak, or any flavor of Traeger hardwood. Shop Traeger hardwood here.

When selecting salmon, always look for a filet with a beautiful pink, reddish color. The best filet will be fresh caught or wild salmon; try and veer away from farm-raised salmon, as it contains significantly more saturated fat and fewer nutrients.

How to Cook a Salmon Filet on the Traeger

  1. Season salmon filet, skin-side down, with salt, pepper, or your choice of seasonings.

  2. Place salmon skin-side down on grill. The skin acts as a protective layer to keep all the juice and flavor inside the filet.

  3. Cook until you can insert a fork in the side of the salmon. If grilling, set temperature to 350° F and cook for 15-25 minutes, see more information here. If smoking salmon, smoke for 30 minutes then cook for an additional hour at 225° F, see more information here.

  4. Enjoy the natural wood-fired flavor from your Traeger grill.

If you’re looking for more salmon recipes, find them here. Remember to pitch the plank and infuse your food with all-natural hardwood pellets, ignited in your wood-fired Traeger grill.