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Tools 101: Seasoning Cast Iron with Matt Crawford


A cast iron pan will literally last a lifetime if you treat it right, and a big part of treating it right is seasoning it properly. In this video Matt “Sasquatch BBQ” Crawford shows you how to perfectly season cast iron using your Traeger.

  • Wash cast-iron with a stiff brush
  • Rinse and dry completely
  • Apply a very thin, even coat of melted shortening or cooking oil of your choice to the skillet inside and out
  • Remove excess shortening or fat
  • Set Traeger temperature to 375 degrees F
  • Place cookware upside down on the top rack
  • Bake your cast-iron for one hour—turn the Traeger off and let the skillet cool down on the grill grates
  • Store your cast-iron uncovered in a dry area

Using cast-iron when getting your Traeger on is one of the most rustic and flavorful ways to enhance your wood-fired grub. Avoid rusting by regular cleaning and seasoning after every use. Maintain your cast-iron and your cast-iron will stand the test of time. Now, get Traegering.