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Getting Started

Welcome to the Wood-Fired Revolution

We want you to get most of your Traeger.

We know you're chomping at the bit to start chomping on delicious wood-fired food, but first things first. Grab yourself a 6 pack & a buddy because Traegering is always more fun with friends and frosty ones. Also because two people are required for assembly. Here you’ll learn how to set up, season and get the most out of your grill.

Step 1: Unbox & Assemble

First thing's first, let’s put this bad boy together. Grab a 6 pack and a friend and get started. Watch videos on how to assemble your grill, download the app and connect to WiFire, ‘cause this grill, is a smart grill. Last but not least, you'll learn to install and calibrate the pellet sensor so you know when to refill that hopper.

Step 2 – Season

You wouldn’t cook a succulent cut of meat or roast some raw veggies without seasoning them first, and your Traeger’s just the same. Learn how to do your initial burn so you can start down the path to wood fired flavor. This one-time cook cycle ensures optimal flavor and calibrates your Traeger to perform at its best.

Step 3: Get the Most Out of Your Grill

Since you'll be spending a lot of time together, you and your Traeger should get to know each other. Review information on your controller, how to clear notifications, set up timers, and calibrate your probe. Oh and if it’s winter, there's a how-to for cooking in the cold.

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From BBQ basics to recipes every home chef should know, we have step-by-step breakdowns of our most fundamental wood-fired recipes featuring our top pros, including Matt Pittman, Amanda Haas, Chad Ward, and Dennis Prescott.

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First Recipes to Cook