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Looking for inspiration for your next meal? We've got pellet grill recipes that let you grill, smoke, braise, bake, roast and BBQ.

Recipe of the Week

Smoked Beef Wellington

Make your guests feel special by serving up beef Wellington. Always impressive, this pastry-wrapped beef takes a bit of time but anyone can do it, especially with Diva Q showing the way. (You can also assemble it ahead of the final cook.) Note that in her video, Diva Q uses a single large piece of puff pastry, but you might have to roll a couple or even a few sheets together to create a rectangle large enough to wrap the meat.

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Prime Rib Recipes & Guides

Whether you want to master a smoked prime rib or just need need some quick tips and recipes, we have you covered so you can plan a delicious wood-fired dinner.

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