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Smoked Lamb Sausage

Smoked Lamb Sausage

By Traeger Kitchen

This smoked lamb sausage is a simple and delicious introduction to sausage making, and Traegers up real nice.

Prep Time

2 Hours

Cook Time

1 Hours




Number of People Serving


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Units of Measurement:
2 Pound lamb shoulders
1 Tablespoon garlic, minced
1 Teaspoon cumin
1 Teaspoon paprika
1/2 Teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 Tablespoon Fennel, ground
1 Tablespoon cilantro, finely chopped
1 Tablespoon parsley, minced
1 Teaspoon black pepper
2 Tablespoon salt
1 Hog Casings
3 Cup Yogurt, Greek
1 Whole lemon juice
1 Clove garlic
1 Whole Cucumber, peeled
1 Tablespoon Dill, fresh or dried


  • 1

    Cut the lamb shoulder into 2” pieces, and using a meat grinder, grind the meat.

    • 2 Pound lamb shoulders

  • 2

    Lightly combine the lamb with all the spices in a bowl and refrigerate. It is important to refrigerate the ground lamb so the fat does not melt in order to give the sausage a good texture.

    • 1 Tablespoon garlic, minced

    • 1 Teaspoon cumin

    • 1 Teaspoon paprika

    • 1/2 Teaspoon cayenne pepper

    • 2 Tablespoon Fennel, ground

    • 1 Tablespoon cilantro, finely chopped

    • 1 Tablespoon parsley, minced

    • 1 Teaspoon black pepper

    • 2 Tablespoon salt

  • 3

    Next, using a sausage horn, attach the hog casing (60 inch) and start to feed the sausage back through the grinder to fill the casing and twist into links.

    • 1  Hog Casings

  • 4

    With a paring knife, prick holes all along the casing (this will allow steam to escape while cooking). Refrigerate.

  • 5

    Combine all ingredients for the yogurt sauce in a medium-sized bowl. Cover and refrigerate.

    • 3 Cup Yogurt, Greek

    • 1 Whole lemon juice

    • 1 Clove garlic

    • 1 Whole Cucumber, peeled

    • 1 Tablespoon Dill, fresh or dried

    • To Taste salt

    • To Taste black pepper

  • 6

    When ready to cook, set the Traeger to 225℉ and preheat, lid closed for 15 minutes.

  • 7

    Place the prepared sausage on the grill grate and smoke it for 1 hour.

    225 ˚F / 107 ˚C

    Super Smoke

  • 8

    Once the hour is up, remove the links from the grill and turn the grill up to 500F and preheat.

    500 ˚F / 260 ˚C

  • 9

    Once the grill comes to temperature, place the links back on the grill and cook for 5 minutes on each side.

    500 ˚F / 260 ˚C

  • 10

    Serve hot with yogurt sauce and roasted potatoes on the side. Enjoy!

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