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Top 8 Winter Soups & Stews



Better tote your Traeger if you’re headed to Grandma’s, or just pick her up on your way home from work. These Top 8 Soup recipes will have your guests raving and your belly brimming with satisfaction on a cold winter’s night.

We’ve put together our favorite Traeger soups and Traeger stews, we’ve even added a dash of hot, new recipes with flair to keep you and your family cozy through any wintery occasion. From beef stew, veggie soup, creamy chicken soup, or broth, we have healthy soup recipes filled with comfort foods that you can fire-roast or smoke on the Traeger every night of the week. Serve piping hot soup to keep hands and bellies warm in frigid temperatures.

8. Smoked Fish Chowder

This salmon chowder is a rich and spicy soup that’s creamy as well as hearty. It’s a quick and easy soup recipe that’s great for using up leftover Traeger smoked salmon. Don’t let the title deter you, it’s not a fishy fragrant soup, it’s perfectly delicious and boasts a flavorful hardwood smoke kick.


7. Smoked Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin isn’t just for fall or Halloween fare, it has an energetic and rich flavor that will fill your belly with warmth and satisfaction any time of year. With sweet and spicy herbs, this smoky soup exudes a powerful flavor that is so delicious, it will be hard to find a second serving left in the pot.


6. Lamb Stew

Traeger Lamb soup cooks up tender and is loaded with vigorously flavored herbs for a fancy Sunday dinner or a meaty and hot dish when submerged in arctic temps. Make this pot of gold to share with friends, and they will be awe-struck at how delicious and flavorful lamb is when smoked and stewed on the Traeger grill.


5. Smoked Cream of Mushroom Soup

Whether you’ve gathered your own mushrooms while roving the forest, or you picked them up at the market, homemade Cream of Mushroom soup is a rich and vibrant soup. Serve it up as main dish, or douse it over a quick and easy steak or chicken recipe. Any way you smoke it, it’s leaps and bounds more delicious than Campbell’s.


4. Smoked Chili con Carne

This recipe is a tribute to meaty chili from deep within South America. It’s heaped with heavy flavors like coffee, chocolate chips, and cumin, which creates a hot and spicy meal to heat you up from the inside out. Satisfy that thick, chunky, and spicy craving with this Traegered steak chili recipe.


3. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This simple soup has but 4 ingredients, yet it’s spiced to perfection with Traeger Saskatchewan shake and will keep you toasty on a cold winter night. Who likes to eat squash solo? Roasting it into a butternut soup is quick and easy and makes a sweet, nutty, and creamy meal with a kick.


2. Smoked New England Clam Chowder

Ignite your inner Bostonian with this thick and rich authentic clam chowda. Back in the day, they would make a huge bucket of chowder and put a rope in it, when it froze they could hang it up for storage. Anytime someone wanted a bowl, they would chip off a chunk and warm it up. Voila--Fresh chowder. Ours is smoked to perfection, but if you want to continue with their process, it would still be amazing re-heated.


1. Brunswick Stew

If you’ve got Georgia on your mind, you’re right on track with this down-home southern stew. It’s smoldering with zesty flavors and this recipe makes a mega pot of stew to feed your family for a week. When the winds come sweeping in, fire-up the smoker grill for this rich comfort stew.

Here’s a special bonus soup recipe that Chef Marco created that is so delicious, it will knock your woolen socks right off with just one spoonful.


All our Traeger stews and soups are simple to make, by cooking them on your Traeger, it makes dinner hassle-free in the winter. Create layers of warm delicious flavors in your soups with your trusty Traeger grill, cooking outside makes recipes exceptional. Fire up a pot of soup for friends and family, then quart up the leftovers in jars to save for later in the week. Kick those winter sludge days to the curb with a bright, hot homemade Traeger soup.