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10 Best Prime Rib Recipes


Elevate your next special occasion by indulging in the best, perfectly cooked prime rib recipes. From the rich and smoky flavour of our Meat Church Prime rib to the extravagant Herb-Crusted Prime Rib with Au Jus, each recipe is a symphony of wood-fired goodness that will make your next special occasion a hit.

Prime Rib Recipes

Roasted & Slow Smoked Prime Rib


Dive into your culinary journey with this slow-smoked prime rib, where Traeger's wood-fired magic infuses every fiber of the meat. Seasoned with simple herbs and then smoked over our mild pecan pellets, this prime rib recipe will easily impress.

Smoked Prime Rib


For a robust and hearty experience, the hickory-smoked prime rib is a must-try. The bold hickory infusion adds a distinct and savory twist to the classic prime rib, ensuring each slice is packed with an irresistible depth of flavour.

Meat Church Prime Rib


If you want a recipe that combines prime rib's rich taste with mesquite's bold flavor, try out Matt Pittman’s bold prime rib recipe. His secret to his flavorful prime rib? Slathering the cooked prime rib with butter for maximum flavor.

Herb-Crusted Prime Rib with Au Jus


The best pairing for prime rib? A homemade au jus. Learn how to slow roast your prime rib for optimum flavor, and how to make a tasty au jus to pair with it.

Traeger Prime Rib


Need a main for your holiday table? Consider Traeger’s signature prime rib recipe. Start by seasoning your roast with our Prime Rib Rub a day beforehand to make it packed with flavour before throwing it on the grill the next day. Then, you will cook it fat side up for a delectably crisp crust.

Roasted Garlic & Herb Prime Rib


Whoever said they didn’t like garlic has clearly never tried this garlic and herb prime rib. To create this bold flavour, marinate the roast in a mix of garlic, red wine vinegar, parsley, rosemary, and olive oil before roasting.

Salt-Crusted Prime Rib


For a juicy, delicious, and savoury prime rib, coat it in a salt crust. Not only will this add delicious flavour to your meat, but it will trap the heat keeping it moist while it cooks on your pellet grill. Learn how to best do it on your Traeger in this recipe. Need more convincing about how tasty this prime rib is? Take a look at this review:

“Wow! I was apprehensive about making it for fear it would not turn out well.... Boy was I wrong! Follow the recipe and use all fresh ingredients and you will put this on your favourite list too!”

Diva Q’s Herb-Crusted Prime Rib


From the queen of BBQ comes a flavourful prime rib coated in fresh rosemary and parsley, minced garlic, Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper. These tantalizing herbs form a flavourful crust on the prime rib, transforming it into a culinary work of art that demands attention.

Rosemary Prime Rib


“This recipe came out perfect and the meat was outstanding!”

When it comes to cooking an outstanding prime rib, sometimes simplicity is key For this rib roast, cover your meat in a blend of herbs and start cooking it on high heat to brown the outside and then finish it low and slow for the most tender results.

Roasted Prime Rib with Mustard and Herbs De Provence


Tim Hollingsworth gives his prime rib some French flair with a coating of tangy Dijon mustard and a sprinkling of herbs de Provence. For best results, roast your prime rib fat side up before carving and serving it to your guests.

How To Cook Prime Rib

Now that you’ve checked out our best prime rib recipes, here is a quick look at how you can cook it on your Traeger grill. Remember though, every recipe is unique with varying temperatures for cooking so make sure read over your specific recipe before you get cooking.

  1. Trim Fat: Prep your prime rib by trimming most of the excess fat. While you want to keep some as a protective layer to keep your roast moist, trim away any fat that is over an inch thick.
  2. Flavor: If you want to be a grill master, salt your prime rib days in advance for optimum flavor.
  3. Tie the Roast: It’s good practice to tie a roast to help keep its shape and cook evenly. In the case of a prime rib roast, it also prevents the outer layer from separating from the body of the meat and overcooking. Use butcher twine and tie it every couple of inches.
  4. Set Temperature: Set your smoker to 250 degrees and preheat with the lid closed for 15 minutes to preheat.
  5. Initial Smoke: Once your pellet grill has preheated place the roast on the grate and cook until the internal temperature reaches around 130F for medium rare. This will take 3 to 5 hours, depending on the size of your roast, the weather, and your grill model. Use the MEATER thermometer to monitor.
  6. Rest & Repeat: If you want a seared crust, remove the roast from the grill and increase the temperature to 450F. Then, place the roast back on for 15 minutes and flip halfway so that the internal temperature gets to your desired doneness level.
  7. Slice & Serve: Remove the smoked rib roast and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before slicing. up for the family.

Now that you have the best prime rib recipes and techniques, get to Traegering.

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What to Serve with Prime Rib

The right sides can make or break a meal. We recommend serving at least one carb and one vegetable with a smoked prime rib dinner. Here are a few of our favorite sides for smoked prime rib.

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