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Adam McKenzie

Teacher by day - Backyard chef by night


Working as an elementary school teacher may be his day job, but Adam McKenzie spends his time outside of the classroom schooling people from all over the globe on damn good BBQ through his Instagram account @ThisJewCanQue. With an intentional sense of irony, his love of pork, beef, and all things outdoor cooking has evolved into a robust platform on which fellow BBQ aficionados congregate, swapping photos, tips, tricks, and victories. He’s become known for his Saturday morning meat slicing videos, which have garnered millions of views, but his favorite part of BBQ is sharing his delicious food with his family and friends.


Interview with Adam McKenzie

Fat side down, I find it protects the delicious brisket from the heat.

Smoke It Fast on the Traeger and Other Wood Pellet Grills (by me). After many years of learning grilling tips in the Traeger community, I am super excited to have a cookbook of my own coming out on May 11, 2021. The Traeger community is amazing and I hope my cookbook is an asset to the amateur and aspiring backyard pit-masters as they learn to love cooking at home all the time too! My recipes focus on favorites that are sped-up to make them accessible in our busy lives. I also love The Food Lab by J Kenji Lopez Alt, because the science of food is fascinating!

Steak is my spirit animal. And bacon. Because I'm Jewish and anyone who doesn't like bacon is crazy!

Sweets - I love dessert and we bake some amazing things on our Traeger

Rocky Mountain Oysters- This Colorado delicacy that can be enjoyed at a lot of places including the local baseball stadium here in Denver.


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