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Bennie Kendrick

Backyard BBQ'er


You may know Bennie Kendrick better as Kendrick BBQ, his social media handle. It’s on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok that you can find him cooking up his latest creations and sharing his tips, techniques, and recipes with the world. He started Traegering around 2015 as a backyard hobby and a way to feed his family, but thanks to his talent and magnetic personality, he’s now able to pursue BBQ as a full-time career


Interview with Bennie Kendrick

Low and slow. I just like that satisfaction of making amazing food that takes hours to pull off.

Fat side down, it allows me to build a better bark while the meat is facing up.

Rosemary. I love the smell and flavor, it is a very versatile ingredient.

Brisket. It is the hardest meat to pull off. It definitely takes a few cooks to get a decent brisket.

Definitely have a sweet tooth.


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