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 Traeger Collective

Introducing Traeger Collective, a new way of gathering and sharing stories from around the Traegerhood. Filled with captivating interviews, rich articles, and gorgeous photography, each issue is a collector’s item that every Traeger fan needs to have on their shelf.

Traeger Collective Issue No. 1


issue 1 of Traeger Collective

Who We Are

We’re a community of home cooks and backyard BBQers. Renowned chefs and seasoned pitmasters. Athletes, artists, activists, and adventurers. Providers, partners, and pals. We’re obsessed with sharing great food and crafting flavorful memories. We work hard, play harder, and always eat good. We are a collective. And these are our stories. Welcome to the Traegerhood.

 Featured in Issue 1

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Chef JRob

    Learn about how up-and-coming Atlanta chef, Justin Robinson, discovered his love for cooking and forged his own unique path in the culinary world.

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Matt Pittman

    We sit down with Matt, founder of Meat Church BBQ, at his home in Texas to discover what drives him and what led him to where he is today.

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Bennie Kendrick

    Hear Bennie’s incredible story of how he found himself in a dark place and came out stronger on the other side thanks to the love and support of his family and the Traeger community.

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Kia Damon

    Join us for a conversation with Kia Damon to find out how she’s helping to strengthen and grow her community through food.

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Eduardo Garcia

    We head out to Montana to see how the dream kitchen Eduardo is hand-building from reclaimed materials reflects his passion for storytelling and his hunger for always living authentically and enthusiastically.

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Ellen Bennett

    Ellen tells the story of how she founded her company, Hedley & Bennett, and shares some advice on going for it and pursuing your dreams.

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Hog Island Oyster Co.

    Visit Hog Island on the shores of Northern California to discover how they are promoting sustainability, one delicious oyster at a time.

  • Ambassador Spotlight

     Danielle “Diva Q” Bennett

    Meet one of the mavericks of the BBQ world, a world class pitmaster who’s breaking down barriers, supporting her community, and inspiring others across the world.