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Doug Scheiding



Based out of Texas, former Aerospace Engineer-turned-pitmaster Doug Scheiding is a force to be reckoned with on the BBQ competition scene. With a passion for analytics and detail, Doug and his wife Jen of Rogue Cookers have won numerous awards competing around the country, including the Houston Livestock Show, American Royal, and Jack Daniels Invitational. Doug has made a name for himself in cooking chicken in the competition scene, but if you ask him about his favorite thing to cook, he’ll tell you it’s a full packer Texas Brisket.


Interview with Doug Scheiding

Meathead The Science of BBQ and Grilling. Dispels many myths of BBQ and has the science to back it up.

If I had to pick one, the Texas trinity of salt, pepper, and garlic called SPG.

Best BBQ Party - The Houston Rodeo Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ Competition. 100k+ people each night starting Thursday, cell towers get overloaded, plenty of BBQ, drinks, friends, etc. The wife calls it BBQ RodeoGras.

Savory/Salty. Sweet is a one note song and Savory is a full orchestra.

Crawfish Cheesecake. It is a savory dish from New Orleans that not many people have tried and made perfect with a kiss of smoke from the Traeger.