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Jeremiah Doughty

Professional Wild Game Chef and Instructor


Wild game chef and founder of the website From Field to Plate, Jeremiah Doughty, knows a thing or two about transforming a harvest into an unforgettable dish. Born in Southern California, his passion for the outdoors started at a young age, but his love of hunting came after discovering a rare allergy that prevented him from eating store-bought, processed red meat. In a search for simple, delicious wild game recipes to use with his new harvests, his website From Field to Plate was born. It’s a place where he shares mouthwatering recipes, tips, and tricks for fellow hunters as well as on his social media accounts. Put simply, the motto he lives by is that “the real trophy is the one you put on the plate.”


Interview with Jeremiah Doughty

Fat up so it renders down into the meat and not into the bucket.

My thermometer, because I am always about temps and not times.

The woods provide you with not only the meats, but the veggies and spices also.

Savory, nothing better than a beautiful sauce to finish a beautiful dish.

Balut, or fermented duck eggs … nasty.


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