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What to Do if I Have a Grill Fire


What to Do if Your Grill Has a Fire

  1. Most importantly, don't panic!
  2. Unplug the grill.
  3. Safely move the grill away from other flammable objects or the side of any structures, such as your home or garage - only if feasible and safe!
  4. Keep the lid closed on both the grill and hopper.
  5. DO NOT use water or flour to put out the fire. Just wait for the fire to burn out.

What to Do after a Grill Fire


So you've had a grill fire, what now? Can you still use your grill? Will your warranty cover any repairs?

Typically, damage caused by grills is not covered under warranty. That said, grill fires usually don't render a grill unusable. In rare cases where fire damage prevents a grill from functioning, you may purchase replacement parts.

If you are unsure what needs to be replaced or have additional questions about the warranty, feel free to call Customer Service for further support.

What Causes Grill Fires?

Possible causes of grill fires include the following:

  • An unclean grill
  • Spilled grease
  • Using an Insulation Blanket when the grill is set to over 350°F or when the outside temperature is over 32°F.
  • The grill did not ignite properly (usually due to improper maintenance).