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Mandy Tanner

Pastry Chef, Recipe Developer, Photographer


Mandy Tanner is a classically-trained pastry chef-turned-grill lover. She graduated from The French Culinary Institute in New York City and has worked in restaurants all over the U.S., but it was a move to Texas that sparked her interest in BBQ. Since then, she has worked as a food stylist and recipe developer, embarking on what she calls a “wild culinary adventure” exploring savory foods and Texas BBQ in addition to her baked goods and desserts. She currently calls Nashville, Tennessee home, where she lives with her husband, daughter, and French bulldog Chuck Short Rib.

Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Mandy Tanner


Interview with Mandy Tanner

Fat side down on the Traeger. I love a good smoke ring and that's how I learned to make brisket from a friend in Texas.

Semolina flour. I find it to be so versatile for making everything from pasta, to bread, pizza, and cakes. It reminds me of things my grandmother made.

A knife that was a gift from the chef I trained under. A great sharp knife is the one thing I use every day.

Best travel spot is Italy. I love the food, people, art, and history, and have fond memories of traveling there with my father.

Sourdough is something I learned by trial and error. It's different every time and I love the challenge of working with wild yeast that is constantly changing.


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