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Introducing the New
Traeger Pellet-On

Traeger Pellet-On

Earn Your Burn

Introducing the Pellet-On, an all-new way to get a great workout and power your Traeger grill at the same time. Simply rig up your road bike and plug your Traeger grill into the Pellet-On to run your grill using pedal power. It’s time to give the “meat sweats” a whole new meaning.


Monitor Your Meat & Mileage

The Pellet-On connects to your Traeger grill via WiFIRE® so you can do everything from log workouts to check the internal temp of your steak.

Take a Recipe Ride

Choose a workout that fits your dinner plans. Roast a side of salmon for a quick session or smoke a brisket during an all-day ride.

Become a Traegerhood Champion

Create a profile to share your workouts, see what your friends are cooking, and blaze your way to the top of the leaderboard.