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Shop Class By Chad Ward - Brisket & Flank Steak

Bring your BBQ questions, try some delicious samples, and take home a new arsenal of serious BBQ skills for your next big cookout.

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Elevate Your Skills with Tips from the Pros

Every single Shop Class is led by a Traeger Pro. Each pro team member brings their distinct cooking style to the table, making the Shop Class a truly unique experience. You'll be able to pick their brains and learn their tips and tricks, from prep to plate. They'll sharpen your skills, and give you insights into classic wood-fired cooking techniques so that you can trim, prepare, rub, inject, brine, sauce, and smoke like a pro.

Shop Class Menu

Our classes offer a little something for everyone no matter your skill level. Learn the philosophies, techniques, and tools needed to master a variety of wood-fired foods. From culinary to BBQ to wild game, our menus will teach you the finer points of outdoor cooking.

What's Included?

You’ll get 1.5-2 hours of in-depth instruction and demonstrations with a Traeger pro in a private, small group format that allows you to ask questions and interact with your Shop Class host. You’ll also receive an ingredient & equipment list so you can follow along at home, plus we’ll ship you a Traeger Shop Class swag bag that includes rubs & sauces needed for your recipe (attendees in select classes will also have meat shipped to them prior to class).