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 Remix Your Rubs

Pickles and peanut butter, French fries and ice cream, prosciutto and melon—culinary creativity is an art, and it (usually) leads to unexpectedly delicious flavor combinations. Take a chance by remixing your go-to Traeger rubs for unlikely pairings that add depth to your favorite foods. Check out our recommended combinations and taste test your way to a memorable mashup.

Prime Coffee Rub

 Prime Rib Rub & Coffee Rub

Rosemary and garlic round out the buzzed-up flavors of coffee and cocoa for a rub that pairs well with prime rib, premium steaks, and robust root vegetables.

Traeger P&P Rub

 Traeger Rub & Pork and Poultry

The most versatile flavor combination on this list melds mild apple and honey with paprika, oregano, and chili pepper. Sprinkle it on pretty much everything.

Blackened Chicken Rub

 Blackened Saskatchewan Rub & Chicken Rub

A favorite meets a classic with this rub remix. Garlic and signature spices marry citrus, paprika, and onion for a flavor union that never disappoints.

Perfect Anything Rub

 Anything Rub & Perfect Pork Rub

Good on anything, great on pork. This trustworthy blend brings out better flavors, no matter if you’re grilling, roasting, or smoking.

Blazing Beef Rub

 Spicy Fajita Rub & Burger Rub

Sizzle and spice meet cheesy delight with this flavor fusion. You can’t go wrong sprinkling this combo on burgers and fajitas, but don’t be afraid to wing it.

  •  Mix your own

    Experimenting is a crucial step on the path to wood-fired enlightenment. Freestyle your way to new flavor fusions.