Meet The Artist: Mike Rasay

Mike Rasay is a software engineer, photographer, and graphic designer who lives in the Bay Area, but was raised in Hawaii. He’s worked with everyone from NASA to the NBA, and is grateful to be able to give back to the place where he grew up.


Ahupua’a is a Hawaiian term referring to the land between the top of the mountains down to the sea or stream at the valley floor. This was how land was divided among ancient Hawaiians, with the idea that each Ahupua’a contained everything a community needed to sustain itself, from the fish in the ocean to productive farmland to the timber contained in the highlands. But it’s more than just a way of dividing land—it embodies a concept of people within each region working together and sharing resources to benefit the entire community as a whole.

The concept of Ahupua’a is also the basis of the CheePono Foundation’s work. Founded by Yesod “Yee” Williams, drummer of the band Pepper, CheePono supports music and surfing programs for youth in Hawaii to give them the support and resources they need to succeed.

All proceeds from the purchase of the Traeger Ahupua’a T-Shirt and Hat will go to the CheePono Foundation to help them in their efforts.