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Living in rural Wyoming, Noelle Weimann’s art is inspired by the breathtaking vistas and abundant wildlife she sees around her. She’s a self-described colorist who uses bold, bright hues and vivid contrast to make the animals and natural settings in her artwork truly come alive.

Noelle’s family suffered an unthinkable tragedy in 2014 when a wildfire destroyed her home and changed her family forever. She lost two children to the fire and her husband and infant son were severely injured, spending months at the Utah Burn Center recovering. She forged a deep connection with the center and its staff, and it continues to offer her and her family ways to heal emotionally as well. It was through UBC and their staff that Noelle met Eduardo Garcia, founder of Montana Mex and a burn survivor himself. Proceeds from the sales of these pieces will go to the Utah Health Burn Camp, a program that was established to help support burn survivors using self-esteem building, teamwork, and peer interaction. Each camp experience is catered to varying age groups from children to adults and creates a healing environment so survivors can leave with renewed energy to meet personal challenges and life goals.


Eduardo Garcia founded Montana Mex back in 2008 with the belief that meals are more than just what you eat–they’re a tool for building culture and sustaining community. He also believes that the meals you take the time to prepare yourself, and share with others, are always the most memorable. Montana Mex is proud to provide a delicious line of signature sauces, seasonings, and avocado oil that you can be proud to cook with in your own kitchen.