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Traeger App Functions

The Traeger App will be your best friend as you start using your WiFIRE-enabled grill. Let's review some of the features that you will use.

  • Access to the Traeger recipe database (1500+ recipes)
  • Change/set/view the grill temperature
  • Change/set/view a meat probe goal and real-time temperature
  • Change/set/view a timer
  • Send a recipe from the app to the grill with steps, cooking instructions, & auto updates (ex: grill will go to 350 from 225at the one hour mark)
  • Set keep warm setting
  • Set super smoke
  • Shop
  • Shut down the grill
  • Switch between multiple grills paired to the same app
  • View saved and recommended recipes from content creators

Essentially, via the app you can use all grill functionality other than ignite.

Things the App Does Not Do

Ignite: This is a safety feature. Igniting the grill must be done directly from the grill.

Shutdown Cycle Countdown: You may shut down your grill from the app, but the countdown timer is only visible on the controller screen.

Switching between Grills

You have the option to use several different grills with their app at once. To switch which grill you are controlling and viewing within the app at a given time, go to the grill dashboard, touch your grill at the top of the screen and select which of your grills you want to control next.