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Make Now

What is the Make Now Feature?

The Make Now feature is available on the Traeger App. Let's walk through the features and see how it will enhance your grilling experience.

What is the Make Now feature?

When viewing a recipe, you will see a Make Now option. This feature sends recipe-specific cook instructions to your grill, so you can focus on other things and not worry about when to change temperatures. The Make Now feature also pins the selected recipe to your grill's dashboard on the app.

Make Now Steps

  1. Find the recipe of your choice.
  2. Turn on your grill.
  3. Select Make Now.
  4. Select the grill you want to use to make the recipe.
  5. Select Begin Cook. The Make Now feature will not begin until Begin Cook is selected.
  6. Let the grill do the work for you.

Make Now Recipes

The Make Now feature supports only one recipe at a time. If you already have a Make Now cook in progress, and you decide to begin a new Make Now cook, the first cook will terminate, and the new selection will commence. At this point, the temperature, timer and probe goals will all reflect the new recipe selection.

When using the Make Now feature, you are unable to change the timer or the grill settings set by the recipe.

Progress Bar

The progress bar--indicated by the series of white dots--shows your grill's progress through their Make Now cook. The progress is indicated by the number of completed steps and not by the length of time the entire cook will take. For example, consider a 1-hour recipe that consists of 7 steps, with step 7 taking 45 minutes. Upon completing step 6, the progress bar will show 6/7 done, even though the recipe still has 3/4 of the time remaining.

Recipe Completion

Once the grill has completed the last step of the recipe, it will transition to the Keep Warm function. The grill will remain on and maintain a temperature of 165°F/74°C. When you have retrieved your food from the grill, put the grill into Shutdown Mode via the app or the grill's controller.