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Auger Continuously Feeding Pellets

Before we get into diagnosing your issue, let's start off by saying that the term, "overfeeding," is a misnomer--the auger cannot "overfeed" pellets because it actually supplies pellets to the firepot on a timed schedule set by the grill controller. So if there is no such thing as overfeeding, then why do I have a surplus of pellets in my firepot?

​​​​​​​Low or No Flame

The reason that you have a lot of pellets in your firepot is because your flame went out, meaning there was no heat source to consume the fuel (pellets). The flame can go out for a variety of reasons including improper startup or shutdown, poor pellet quality or mechanical errors. When the flame goes out, the grill will try to reignite and raise the grill's temperature, all while continuing to feed pellets into the firepot. If the grill is unable to re-ignite, it will have an LEr or Low Temp Error, depending on the model. This can--and often will--lead to a buildup of pellets and an overflowing firepot.


If you get an LEr or Low Temp Error, follow the respective steps to remedy the problem, and proceed by cleaning your grill thoroughly.

  • If the grill ever shuts itself off, always double-check the firepot to ensure it is not overflowing with pellets or ash before starting the grill.
  • Always ensure you are using the proper start-up procedure for your grill. An improper start-up can affect your cooking experience, even hours into your cook.
  • Always make sure your pellets are stored in an airtight container such as our pellet storage bucket to ensure pellet quality.

Auger Continuing to Feed Pellets during Shutdown

On a WiFIRE-enabled (D2) grill, it is normal for the auger to continue feeding pellets into the firepot during shutdown. This is an enhanced design feature to help prevent the pellets remaining in the auger from catching fire.

Non-WiFIRE, or AC grills, however, should not feed pellets during shutdown. If you have an AC grill that is feeding pellets during shutdown, there is a problem with your grill that needs to be fixed.


Most often, the problem is with some swapped wires on the grill.


  1. Turn off and unplug the grill.
  2. Unscrew and remove the controller.
  3. Ensure the wires are undamaged and connected correctly as directed below.

Still Having Issues?

If you have confirmed that the wires are not swapped, and you are still experiencing trouble with the auger feeding, please call Customer Service for further assistance.