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Cookware & Bakeware

From cookie sheets to Dutch ovens, we’ll let you know what is safe to use in your Traeger.

Pro Tip: Pans used consistently in a Traeger will build up smoke residue. Consider setting aside a few commonly used pans to save on scrubbing.


Any baking pan that is oven safe is safe for the Traeger. Anything from a muffin tin to a fun-shaped Bundt pan is cleared for use. Metal pans will heat up faster, but glass pans will hold a more consistent temperature.

Dutch Ovens

Dutch and French ovens are safe to use in a Traeger. Because of their thick, dense material, they will take longer to heat up, but will retain heat well. You can cook with or without a lid. Using a lid will limit the amount of smoke flavor infused in the food.

Cookie or baking sheets are great for Traeger use, but be careful of obstructing the airflow--leave one inch clearance on each side to enable sufficient airflow and to avoid heat discrepancies.

Cast Iron

From skillets to griddles, anything cast iron works great in a Traeger. If using a larger griddle, make sure there is at least one inch on each side to ensure proper airflow in the Trager.

Plastic Oven/Roasting Bags

Your Traeger Grill operates similarly to a convection oven, so anything you do in your oven you can usually do in your Traeger. While our culinary team has not tested using oven bags in our grills, as long as you are following the instructions and temperature parameters for your bags, and using a grill-safe pan, the bags should work similarly.