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Excessive Ash

Do you feel that your grill has an abnormal amount of ash in it after a cook? Let's help you figure out what could possibly be causing this, or if it is actually normal.

Pellet Quality

Ash is essentially unburned fuel (i.e. pellets): the better the fuel burns, the less ash there will be. You may find excessive ash after a cook if your hopper has a lot of sawdust in it or if your pellets have absorbed moisture or are old, all of which prevent pellets from burning completely.

Clean Grill

We recommend cleaning out your grill at the very least every 20 hours of cook time. While some ash during a cook is normal, it can build up if you are not properly maintaining your grill and cleaning it regularly.

Symptoms of Other Issues

Sometimes too much ash is a symptom of other issues such as low temperature or temperature swings. If you have experienced either of these issues, try troubleshooting those and see if the amount of ash in your grill decreases.