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Known Issue: D2 Grills on Firmware Version 1 Unable to Pair

In January, 2020, Traeger released it's WiFIRE firmware update to Version 02.00.00. WiFIRE-enabled (D2) grills that have not updated their firmware from Version1 to Version 2 may encounter pairing difficulties. This is typically seen on grills manufactured prior to November 2019.

Grills Affected

  • Pro 575
  • Pro 780
  • Ironwood 650
  • Ironwood 885
  • Timberline 850
  • Timberline 1300
  • Century (D2)
  • Silverton (D2)
  • Timberline 850 (AC)
  • Timberline 1300 (AC)


Some WiFIRE-enabled (D2) grills that had previously been connected to the Traeger App lost their connection and are unable to re-pair after October 1, 2020. These grills still function properly in all other ways, manually, but are unable to be operated via the app.

Grills affected by this issue will be on firmware Version 01.XX.XX.

If a grill is showing these symptoms and is on firmware Version 02.XX.XX, please see WiFIRE Pairing Troubleshooting.


If your grill is on firmware version1.01.04 or earlier, please call Customer Service for a controller replacement.

While the replacement controller is being shipped you may continue to use your grill manually. The replacement controller will include postage to return your old one.

Grills on Versions 1.01.05 or 1.01.06 will be able to connect after they receive updated firmware and have gone through the pairing process. Please call Customer Service to speak with a Traeger Tech if your grill is not updating automatically.

Determine Your Firmware Version

  1. Plug in your grill, turn it on and press the power button on the controller to wake it up.
  2. Press the MENU button to enter the main menu
  3. Rotate the selection knob so that SETTINGS is highlighted. Press the knob.
  4. Rotate the selection knob so that ABOUT GRILL is highlighted. Press the knob.
  5. You will see a line that says “SW VER: XX.XX.XX”, where there will be a series of numbers, starting with either “01” or “02”.
  6. If the number is earlier than 1.01.05 call our Traeger Techs at 1-800-Traeger.
  7. If the number is 1.01.05 or 1.01.06 have the grill forget your home WiFi network and restart the initial pairing process​​​​​​​

Forget Network and Re-Pair

  1. With the grill on, go to MENU > WIFI INFORMATION on the controller
  3. Re-start the pairing process as if this were a new grill. Expect it to take two attempts.