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Firmware Updates

We push automatic firmware updates periodically, and normally your grill should do this on its own, either during startup or shut down. On occasion though, you may find that you may have to do this manually. This may be because we may have pushed an update between your grill's manufacturing date and when you've assembled it, or because the grill had a weak connection signal and it failed to update on the most recent push.

Keep in mind that you can still use a grill with older firmware. WiFIRE features may be unavailable, but you will still be able to use the grill in every other capacity.

Check your Firmware Version

You can easily check your grill's firmware version by going to your controller and navigating to Menu > About Grill.

Current Firmware Version

To make sure the firmware version on your grill is the most up to date, compare it to the current version found at

Update Your Firmware

In order to update your firmware, your grill will already need to be connected to WiFi. If you are having difficulties pairing your grill/connecting it to WiFi, and you notice your firmware is an older version, please contact Customer Service.

If you are able to connect your grill or if it is already connected, updating your firmware should happen automatically. To do so, leave your grill in standby mode for an hour or two (or overnight). To put your grill in standby mode, let the grill complete its shutdown cycle, but don't turn off the power switch.

If after leaving the grill in standby for a few hours, the grill still has not updated, please contact Customer Service .