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"Grill Couldn't Connect to the Network"

While pairing your grill to your phone, you may see one of the messages below that you couldn't connect to the network. Let's get those resolved so you can get grilling faster.

Grill Couldn't Connect to the Network. Please Try Again.


  • You will see this message when your grill is unable to access your home network during the pairing process. This can be due to an invalid network password or if the network is down.


  • Double check the network password you entered is correct, including any special characters or capitalization.
  • Make sure your home WiFi is active and in a good state. You can do this by checking your account via your provider's app, or seeing if any other device currently connected to your WiFi is working as expected.

Grill Couldn't Connect. Double-check the WiFi Password Entered Is Correct and Try again.


  • You will get this message when the password you entered is incorrect.


  • Try your password again, paying special attention to special characters, numbers and capitalization.

Grill Couldn't Connect to the Network in a Reasonable Time


  • The grill is trying to connect to WiFi, but the connection attempt times out. There is an issue with the router.


  • Restart your router, restart your grill and attempt to re-pair.