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Wi-FIRE (D2) Grill Modes

Your WiFIRE-enabled grill has several modes. Let's review these modes and understand when your grill will enter them.

Custom Cook

Custom recipe sent from application to grill with grill steps.


The user has initiated a shutdown cycle, and the grill will begin the process of shutting down.


There is some error from the grill side, and that is throwing a grill alert.


The grill is connected & plugged in with power going to it, and the controller has been powered on.


The grill is beginning to fire up based on the temp set provided by the user.

Manual Cook

User-created cook cycle.


  • Preheat occurs after ignition to help your grill reach the desired temperature.
  • Preheat will alert you once the grill has reached an internal temperature within 5 degrees of the set temperature or if the grill has been preheating for at least 10 minutes.
  • Occasionally, if it is cold outside, this will alert you before the grill has reached the set/desired temperature.


The grill is connected & plugged in with power going to it, but the controller power button (or any other button) has not been selected.


The grill is in a shutdown cycle.