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Grill Sounds

Whether you are a new member of the Traegerhood, unfamiliar with what sounds are normal, or an experienced griller noticing something different from the usual, sounds can cause alarm. We're here to help you understand what some of the most common noises are and whether or not they need attention.

Fan Noises

Your grill has two fan blades that will make a soft, whirling sound. This is normal and means the grill is functioning as designed.


You may also hear a slight clicking sound that is usually the result of the fan blades hitting a zip tie that holds wires together. To stop this sound, you can remove the bottom or side panel of your hopper and see if there are any wires or zip ties in the way of the fan. Move the wires away from the fan, or get another zip tie to keep them farther from the fan.

If the noise persists, it could be an issue with the actual fan, in which case, please call Customer Service.

Grinding/Metal on Metal

A metal-on-metal grinding sound is due to the auger not being centered in the auger tube. Verify that the auger is properly installed and isn't warped.

Lid Burp

A lid burp is extremely uncommon and will only happen after an improper shutdown after the grill has had a flameout or an LEr message. If you don't shut down the grill properly after an LEr or flameout, you will end up with a buildup of ash in the firepot. The ash buildup will prevent the pellets from igniting upon startup. Pellets will continue to feed into the firepot, however, and you will end up with a buildup of gas that will cause the grill to "burp," or pop open the lid.

To prevent a lid burp, should you experience a flameout or an LEr, run through the proper Grill Shutdown Cycle, vacuum out the grill (and the firepot), and place a few fresh pellets back in the firepot before restarting or your next cook.

Motor Noises

Motors within the grill spin at a slow pace, so if you hear a clicking or tapping sound that is intermittent and slow, you can identify the issue is with the motor. Like the fan, the motor may be hitting cables or zip ties within the hopper. To fix this, get a zip tie and bundle the cables away.

If the noise persists, it could be an issue with the actual motor; please contact Customer Service.


If you hear a squeaking sound, chances are that the lid and hopper lid hinges may be too tight. Try loosening the screws very slightly to see if that helps.