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HEr - High Error Reading

A HEr error stands for “High Error Reading.'” This usually happens when the grill reaches over 550 degrees and shuts itself off. To understand why let's run through a few scenarios that could have caused this error.

Possible Causes and Answers

Is your grill clean?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your grill are vital to a successful cook, and excessive ash and grease can very easily affect your grill's ability to read temperature accurately. Please review Grill maintenance for additional details on cleaning instructions.

Was there a fire?

A HEr will happen during a grill fire as the temperature rises above 550. This is normal and to be expected during a grill fire.

Was the grill started correctly?

The correct process for starting your grill will vary depending on your model. Please visit the Start-Up Guide to find your proper start-up procedure.

Was the grill put through the shutdown cycle on the previous cook?

If the grill was not put through the shut down cycle on your previous cook, there might be additional pellets in the firepot from your last cook, which can cause the temp to spike.

Did you receive a LEr on your previous cook?

If you received a LEr (Low Error Reading) message during your previous cook, and this is your first time starting your grill since then, you might get a HEr message. This can happen as the grill tries to burn off any additional pellets built up during the last cook.

  • To prevent this, if you get a LEr message, make sure you clean out the firepot before attempting to reignite your grill.

Are the internal parts of the grill installed?

HEr messages can occur when the insides of the grill are not in place (drip tray, heat baffle, grill grates).

  • Make sure all the internal parts of the grill are placed correctly in the grill and are undamaged.
  • Ensure there is no damage to the drip tray, heat baffle, or firepot, such as warping or rust. If there is damage, please contact customer service.

Is the grill reading temperature accurately?

Ensure the grill is reading the temperature accurately. To check this, follow the steps below.

Check for Damage

Verify that your RTD temperature sensor is not damaged.

  • Check to see if it is bent or touching anything inside the grill.
  • If your RTD or thermocouple is bent, chipped, or seemingly broken, test it to see if it accurately reads the ambient grill temperature.
  • If it is reading the ambient grill temperature correctly, there is no problem, and you can continue grilling.

Testing RTD/Thermocouple

The best way to test your thermocouple is by comparing the ambient temperature of the grill to the external temperature. With the grill cooled down, complete the following:

  • Turn on your grill and take note of what temperature shows up on the controller.
  • Compare this to the outside temperature, either using a third-party thermometer or the current daily temperature.
  • Acceptable temperature variation is within 20°F/10°C.
  • The temperature variation may be larger when the grill is sitting in the sun.
  • If the readings are more than 20°F/10°C off, contact Customer Service.

Did you receive a HEr before the grill reached 550 degrees?